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Jan. 14th, 2017

france: le louvre

Day 732:Each age has deemed the new-born year/The fittest time for festal cheer-Sir Walter Scott

In the last two weeks I have managed to make progress with my goals. During the past week I read two books in French, L'héritière, and La Couronne, books 4 and 5 of the Selection series by Kiera Cass. I managed to clean up some old paperwork, and began my bullet journal.

The bullet journal is something I hadn't even heard of until late last year! But it's extremely useful! I hope to post images of mine here at my blog eventually.

Though the month of January will be nearly over in another two weeks, I don't want to forget my resolutions this year. Nay, if anything, I want to fulfill more of my goals and get better at doing my resolutions as the year draws near December.

Jan. 1st, 2017

Happy New Year! New Year's Goals and Resolutions.

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When does the new year really begin? It begins with the dawn, when we fill our lungs with air that seems as fresh as the year before us.

With a new year, comes the chance at a new life, In 2017, there are a thousand things we can do, a thousand things we can wish for, but only a few that can come true. Let the best of those things come true in 2017.

You, skimming this entry, might live to be 100, but even if you do–you cannot waste 2017, because it will still be at least 1% of your life, far too much to waste.

Don’t waste 2017.

Today I finished drawing up the list below, the official goals and resolutions are things that are most important, that I must accomplish, the "unofficial" ones are things I might like to accomplish, but I realize I might not be able to.

Official Goals

1. Redecorate my room.
2. Create a customized cookbook for my mother.
3. Assist my father in writing his autobiography.
4. Post an excerpt of my novel to the internet.
5. Start an art journal.
6. Get a job and work at it for at least 3 months.
7. Organize my research.

Official Resolutions

1. Get up by 7 AM and go to bed by 10 PM every day, except for weekends and holidays.
2. Exercise intensely for at least ½ hour a day, or 3 hours a week.
3. Post to my personal blog at least once a week.
4. Stop eating sugar more than once a week.
5. Spend at least one hour a day reading, writing, or listening to a foreign language.
6. Practice the piano and recorder for at least an hour each, daily.
7. Leave comments, reviews and feedback more often.

Unofficial Goals

1. Practice one of my hobbies for at least 1000 hours.
2. Complete 100 days of productivity challenge.
3. Win at Camp NaNoWriMo in April.
4. Win at Camp NaNoWriMo in July.
5. Give up film, television, and recorded music for Lent.
6. Participate in Inktober.
7. Master 100 new pieces of music on the piano or recorder.

Unofficial Resolutions

1. 50% of what I read, watch or listen to must be in another language.
2. Try a new fitness challenge each month.
3. Use my Kate Spade 2017 planner on a daily basis.
4. Never have overdue library books.
5. Write an average of 500 words per day.
6. Strive for a zero impact lifestyle.
7. Read at least 3 chapters of my Bible daily.

Aug. 31st, 2016

disney: l'amour toujours phillip/aurora

Day 596: Either write something worth the reading, or do something worth the writing!

When tomorrow morning comes, there will be 61 days left until I start NaNoWriMo. Last year I won, but I am slightly nervous, because this year I want to do it in French! With two months left, I am going to have to do a lot of pratice, in reading, writing and listening. But I think I can do it, I'll be practicing for four hours daily, and listening to the French radio for the news, and trying to read a daily French article.

Tomorrow I intend to start watching only French language films, television, and even youtube videos, and I am going to attempt to read at least 15 novels in French before November hits!

Aug. 1st, 2016

disney: tiana doorway sad

Day 566: Time is what we want most, but what we use worst...

Tonight I went to the birthday party of a family friend, it took place at a pizza parlor, and it was great, there were lots of games and pizza.

Today I decided to start blogging at Blogger, LiveJournal and WordPress, I'll just post the same entries at the same to all three sites.

Tumult at my house and in my life has made me decide to double the time for my 90 day goals. Giving me until November 22! Just a few days before Thanksgiving, something I am planning a surprise for, until then though, it will have to remain a secret!

Jun. 9th, 2016

18C: love letter fragonard

Day 513: ...these old shades of mine/ their ways and dress delight me...

A friend of mine has recommended Georgette Heyer to me, and so I have started with These Old Shades, set in the 18th century, one of my favorite eras, it gives me ideas for what I want (or don't want) to do in my own novel!

For a while, I have been toying with an idea--of writing to a scholar I admire, but I am not sure how or when I would do that. I have to familiarize myself further with their work before I can dare write to them, however it's something I definitely want to do this summer.

Jun. 1st, 2016

music: twisted silver ornament

Day 505: Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain...

Throughout much of the past week (from Tuesday until Friday night) I took medicine that left me feeling somewhat sluggish (and stopped two days earlier than planned due to excessive swelling). So I didn't really feel well enough to do anything until the a few days ago. Nevertheless, I managed to select what pieces of music I want to memorize, and what titles I want to read. The honorable mentions are music and books I want to tackle if I have enough time. I have 84 days, let's see what happens.

Greensleeves, a traditional English melody by an unknown composer, that doubles as the carol "What Child is This".
Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas. It's a lovely and haunting melody, that even people who don't like the film have told me they love.
Beauty and the Beast (the ballroom theme) from Beauty and the Beast. Yes, this is the famous "tales as old as time" song, it's more frequently done on the piano, but I thought the low, slow notes would sound good on the recorder.
"A Favourite Air in the Opera of Alexander" by Handel. I was unsure if this was originally written for the recorder or not. It's apparently based on his aria Pregi son d’un alma grande for Alessandro, written in 1726. Given in the book A Solo Book for Treble Recorder: 175 solo pieces from eight centuries. It's only 1 1/2 pages, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Honorable Mentions: Out of Thin Air from Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Lord Inchiquin by Turlough O'Carolan

Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. I managed to play the first few bars of this a few months ago, and thought it was lovely on the piano. You hear of many people wanting to sing this one (and I wouldn't mind being able to some day), but it's amazing as a purely instrumental version.
Go the Distance from Hercules. Triumphant, stirring and gorgeous, it was nominated for an Oscar (though it lost to that year's Titanic), it's named as one of the favorite disney songs for a lot of people, but seems to get overlooked.
Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany's. This is the sort of song that you still hear on the radio today. My Mother loves it, along with the film. Usually you hear it played on the guitar, but as I have the music for the piano, I thought I would give it a try.
Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music. Another favorite of my Mother's, and I want to play it for her too. It's catchy and clever and teaches solfege!
Allegretto in G Major by Mozart. I got this selection from Mozart, 14 Of His Easiest Piano Pieces For The Piano, and this is supposed to be the 2nd easiest. Not sure if it's simply Allegretto, or Sonatina in G Major, Allegretto This piece is shown frequently being played by children, or on a simple electronic keyboard, so it should be manageable.
Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart. This piece, one of his most famous, is fast paced and demands flexibility to be played really well, yet I still want to attempt it!

Honorable Mentions: God Help the Outcasts from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, O Come All Ye Faithful, Sonata in C major, Hob.XVI:35 by Haydn

18th Century Novels
Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded by Samuel Richardson
Clarissa, or, the History of a Young Lady by Samuel Richardson
The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless by Eliza Haywood
Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding
The Female Quixote: or, the Adventures of Arabella by Charlotte Lennox
The Man of Feeling by Henry Mackenzie
Caleb Williams: Or, Things As They Are by William Godwin

Honorable Mentions: Cecilia by Frances Burney, La Religeuse by Denis Diderot, The Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith

Research Shelf Books
Antonio Salieri and Viennese Opera by John Rice
Naples en fête: Théâtre, opéras et castrats au XVIIIème siècle by Patrick Barbier
Farinelli: Le castrat des lumieres by Patrick Barbier
La Maison des Italiens: Les Castrats a Versailles by Patrick Barbier
Mozart: A Cultural Biography Robert W. Gutman
Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring by Alexander Rose
Forgotten Allies: The Oneida Indians and the American Revolution by Joseph T. Glatthaar and James Kirby Martin
The Indian Great Awakening: Religion and the Shaping of Native Cultures in Early America by Linford D. Fisher
Music of the Colonial and Revolutionary Era by John Ogasapian
In Pursuit of Liberty: Coming of Age in the American Revolution by Emmy E. Werner

Honorable Mentions: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, Belonging to the Army: Camp Follower and Community During the American Revolution by Holly A. Mayer, Dr. Benjamin Church, Spy: A Case of Espionage on the Eve of the American Revolution by John A. Nagy, Spies, Patriots, and Traitors: American Intelligence in the Revolutionary War by Kenneth A. Daigler, Spies in the Continental Capital: Espionage Across Pennsylvania During the American Revolution by John A. Nagy

May. 26th, 2016

words: time the ultimate teacher

Day 499: 9 out of 10 ain't bad...

Until August 23 I have about 90 days, so I decided to draw up a list of goals to try to work on during that time, will I manage to do all of them? Who knows, but at least 9 out of 10 won't be bad?

Top 10 for 90 Days!

1. Write at least 1 letter.

2. Work off at least 20 pounds by healthy diet and exercise.

3. Go for 30 days without listening to any recorded music or watching any movies or TV.

4. Learn to play at least 4 pieces on the recorder by heart.

5. Take at least 5 photographs and post them online.

6. Learn to play at least 6 pieces of music on the piano by heart.

7. Read at least 7 classic novels from the 18th century.

8. Write at least 80,000 words of fiction or non-fiction.

9. Cross at least 9 goals off my 365 goal list.

10. Read at least 10 books from my Goodreads 18th century research shelf.

May. 23rd, 2016

Day 496: The sun rises on summer vacation...

Today I went, early in the morning, to have surgery done on my upper jaw, though it went well, they prescribed some medication (three bottles of pills) and I am left feeling slightly dizzy. The nausea which the papers that came with the bottles forewarned of.

Three months from now (after a few check-ups and minor procedures in between), I will be done. Until then, I am supposed to take it easy, that means, for me, summer vacation begins now.

There is a lot I want to do, learn Italian, and German too! Practice French some more, by reading more novels, try to get better at playing the piano or recorder. Reach my goals for weight loss, eat healthier, try to write more often, and read at least 100 books!

May. 2nd, 2016

music: stand & sheet music

Day 475: The day I changed my goals

Last month, after listening to the piece above, I changed my mind about playing the flute, which I had listed among my goals, since I began last year. I went through my list of goals and replaced "flute" with "recorder". I still want to play the flute one day, but within the next few years, I prefer to focus on the recorder.

There are so many beautiful works written for this instrument.

Before I began researching baroque music, I used to love the sound of the flute in the compositions of Bach or Vivaldi, but now that I have researched more, I've found that the instrument I heard often wasn't the flute, but the recorder. Yes, I am a little disappointed that I can't start playing the flute right now. But I don't think I am missing out, because the recorder has a rich repertoire as well.

Mar. 27th, 2016

Day 439: Happy Easter!

Easter was lovely, though all we did to celebrate was eat dinner and bake chocolate chip cookies.

Near the beginning of Lent, I decided to give up listening to recorded music, only music that I listened to live at a concert, or that I played myself on a keyboard would be permitted. It lasted for about 11 days, until I broke what I've heard others term a "music fast". Though I am upset, I've decided to try it again. For the rest of the year, I am only allowing myself to listen to recorded music on weekends.

What I intend to do meanwhile, from Monday to Friday, is try playing my piano and recorder more often. When I've practiced both for at least 90 hours, I am going to try to take singing lessons again.
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Feb. 29th, 2016

disney: megara tough girl!

Day 412: Happy Leap Year!

I thought the image used by Google to celebrate leap year this year was really cute. The leaping bunnies remind me of plotbunnies.

Last Friday I went to the dentist at 8:30 AM to have my wisdom teeth removed. The extraction took nearly 1 1/2 hours. Finally it was over, and I went out to join my parents who had been waiting in the car. Then I took the only logical next step, with gauze crammed into my mouth and blood oozing through my lips, I went to the library!

I checked out 10 books, The Barbarous Years (concerning the 17th century settlement of New England), Washington: A Life, Ethan Allen: His Life and Times, Wishful Thinking, a fantasy novel, then a trilogy The Bar Code Tattoo, The Bar Code Rebellion, and The Bar Code Prophecy, I don't know if it's any good or not, but I hate waiting to finish the ending in case I like it. The last few were Spies, Patriots and Traitors: American Intelligence in the Revolutionary War, Dr. Benjamin Church, Spy: A Case of Espionage on the Eve of the American Revolution, and As If an Enemy's Country: The British Occupation of Boston and the Origins of Revolution. I am hoping these books will help me with the historical fiction novel I'm writing.

Feb. 24th, 2016

music: here comes treble

Day 407: "There is nothing I enjoy more than a long evening at the...pianoforte."

Yesterday I bought a recorder at Amazon, along with book of sheet music, and a CD of lovely tunes played upon the recorder to inspire me. I have always wanted to play the flute, and the recorder is quite similar in many ways.

Last year, within the last two weeks of December, I was working on my New Year's resolutions, and one of them was to give up any films or television series I found morally troubling for an entire year. That meant no more films with pointless violence, or excessive profanity, or a casual attitude toward sexuality outside of marriage. Same thing for humor that could be called cruel, dehumanizing, nothing sexist or racist, although I usually try to avoid both anyway (racism being a problem mostly in really old films).

So that means no Castle, no Marie Antoinette, none of the films I love despite their flaws or the TV shows I sometimes watch with my parents. Yeah it's going to be tough, yet I feel like a lot of us Christians lament the content in film and television without trying to do anything. What I am doing might not change things, but I feel like it's a personal experiment I need to try for at least a year.

Last night I watched The Abduction Club, it's a really a cute little comedy set in the 1780s in Ireland (and yes, it's clean, as per the requirement for the year).

Jan. 10th, 2016

Goal 36: I finished copying all my French articles!

From the beginning October 2nd to January 4th, I wrote out an article in French by hand, taken in most cases from a major French news site, like Le Figaro, Slate, Le Monde, and in one case a blog post, I can't say it miraculously tripled my fluency in French. But it has aided me in spelling, and did make me more aware of some current international events that were covered immediately by the French news, but not their American counterparts until a couple of days later, while the French news lagged by a day or so on covering some events in the U.S. of A!

Dec. 5th, 2015

disney: esmeralda candlelight song

Goal 364: I won NaNoWriMo!


Guess who won NaNoWriMo? Yes I started three days late, and I temporarily changed my time-zone to finish and validate on time, but I did it! My story Night Bites: or the Perks of Being a Vampire might not be a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but I did manage to pull off several things I'd always wanted to do in a novel someday!

Things I managed to do in Night Bites that I have always wanted to:

  • No romance between any of the characters, despite the seductive vampiress or the caring long-time female friend.

  • Used the setting of a city where I have actually been, including referencing real life shops and restaurants.

  • Managed to make three of my leading characters Christians, and have it influence them, while only using two Bible verses!

Excerpt (where Theodore describes his friends trying to help him research):

Ashley started doing intensive research on Russia and the Baltic sea, she sent me images of centuries old portraits, asking me if any of them looked like the vampiress. Mike spent way too much time at conspiracy theory websites, looking for postings of the paranormal, eventually he branched out, looking through horror fiction for stuff that even remotely sounded like symptoms of vampirism. My browser history became a crazy mixture of sasquatch sightings, haute couture sales and news of the weird. We started assembling a database of all the information.

“What do we if anyone finds it?” I asked Ashley one day.

She rolled her eyes at me, “Says it's for a fantasy novel we're writing, best excuse ever.”

It's really harrowing, but I would love to do it again next year, maybe in French!

Sep. 25th, 2015

Day 255:“You’re an awful person.”/“Maybe, but I’m rich and I’m pretty, so it doesn’t really matter.”

Throughout the past two months, I have been continuing my efforts to earn one million grains of rice on FreeRice.com. Recently I had a problem logging in, so I created another account, with a near identical username. So far I'm 1/8th pf the way there.

Watching Scream Queens right now, it portrays the girls in an elite campus sorority who are being terrorized by an unknown killer. It's meant to be horror with a strong dash of comedy, while obviously it's far from realistic, I can't help but feel shows like these are sometimes more honest than most. Yes, people like to claim that once they're out in the "adult world", those silly things don't matter anymore, but I think a lot of people are far obsessed with their looks, status and finances than they would like to admit.

I decided to learn how to play a dozen Christmas carols on the piano, after some struggling, I settled on the ones below. Yes I know it's a lot. But I have three months. Let's see if I can do it!

1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
2. Hark the Herald Angels Sing
3. Jingle Bells
4. Adeste Fideles
5. Silent Night
6. Joy to the World
7. It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
8. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
9. Deck the Halls
10. We Three Kings
11. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
12. The Twelve Day of Christmas

Jul. 4th, 2015

Day 172: Happy Independence Day!

“…The second day of July 1776 will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the Day of Deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other from this time forward forever more.”—John Adams

Though John Adams was speaking of July 2nd, rather than the 4th, which was to finally become associated with the official declaration of independence, his prediction hit strikingly near the mark.

The men and women who made the revolution ranged widely in age, from Lafayette who came here at age 19, to Benjamin Franklin who was over 70 when he played the role of our ambassador to France.

They came from many places, like Thaddeus Kosciuszko, the Polish engineer, Baron von Steuben of Prussia, or Bernardo de Gálvez of then Spanish Mexico, who threw themselves into the task of aiding the homegrown patriots. There were those who ancestors had been here long before others, like the oft forgotten Stockbridge Indians and the Choctaw, or the Abenaki, who found their tribes torn apart by divided allegiances, in a fashion that mirrored that of the colonists.

In the tales of the revolution, can be found both flashes of boldness, and slow, deadly drama. There was Sybil Ludington’s nighttime ride, twice as long as Paul Revere’s! And there was the case of the slave James Armistead, who became one of the first double agents in US history, feeding false information to the British, and reliable intelligence to the Americans during the crucial months that led up to Yorktown.

Let us not forget any of them, and the freedom they fought for, or that today is as good a day as it was 239 years ago, to declare our independence .

Jun. 12th, 2015

Day 150: "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart."--Anne Frank

When I checked Goodreads today, I discovered it was the anniversary of when Anne Frank received her diary. So I thought it was only fitting to use one of her beautiful quotes.

Today my packages came in the mail! I got Cecilia by Fanny Burney, The Castrato: Reflections on Natures and Kinds by Martha Feldman, and Clarissa, or, the History of a Young Lady by Samuel Richardson.

I began watching the TV series A.D.: The Bible Continues, it's not bad. Different from many other Biblical productions I've seen. There's a larger role given to unsympathetic biblical figures, like Caiaphas or Pontius Pilate, historical figures like Herod, or fictional characters who may have existed, such as the Roman soldiers and temple guards, or the zealots who give aid to the Disciples but ultimately can't see eye to eye with them. Looking forward to seeing more tomorrow!

May. 1st, 2015

Day 108: I tried to create a suit of armor around the world... but I created something terrible...

I went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron with my Mom today, before the movie, we went shopping for lipstick, cereal bowls, stopped by the book store, and merchandise at the Disney store. The movie was good, although the first and second Captain America films remain my favorites out of the entire MCU series to date. Basically, if you enjoyed the first Avengers, you'll like this one, with a team that's now gotten to know (and care for) each other, nice cinematography on several different continents, and a slightly different, but no less stirring score. That said, many will probably feel this was plagued by the same problems lamented in the first Avengers, too many characters, with too much happening at once, and spotlight in the final act being given to the action rather than the actors. Personally I thought this effort was slightly better, with a chilling villain, and international scope (they really went to Europe, Africa and Asia to film some of their scenes)!

Afterward we picked up some dishes we had bought earlier, went to the Disney store again, and finished by going to Goodwill, where my Dad picked us up, then we grabbed some hamburgers before going home.

Jan. 14th, 2015

Day 1: Hello to everyone!

Hello to everyone! I am just a Christian girl who started this journal in an effort to keep track of my progress as I try to accomplish 365 goals over the course of 3000 days. I hope to make new friends here as well!

I adore Ancient Egypt, and am the happy owner of two cats and a labrador retriever. My other hobbies include reading or writing science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and fanfiction, playing and listening to classical and baroque music. I am currently attempting to research a novel set in 1785 Vienna! You can expect to hear about all these things at my livejournal.

The goals are all listed as follows:

January 14 2015-April 1 2023
1. Read 100 books in French.
2. Read 100 books in German.
3. Read 100 books in Egyptian Arabic.
4. Read 100 books in Italian.
5. Read 100 books in Spanish.
6. Watch the entire Disney theatrical animated canon in French.
7. Watch the entire Disney theatrical animated canon in German.
8. Watch the entire Disney theatrical animated canon in Egyptian Arabic.
9. Watch the entire Disney theatrical animated canon in Italian.
10. Watch the entire Disney theatrical animated canon in Spanish.
11. Memorize 4 poems of at least 12 verses in French.
12. Memorize 4 poems of at least 12 verses in German.
13. Memorize 4 poems of at least 12 verses in Egyptian Arabic.
14. Memorize 4 poems of at least 12 verses in Italian.
15. Memorize 4 poems of at least 12 verses in Spanish.
16. Take the DALF exam in French and achieve the highest level of fluency possible.
17. Take the DSH exam in German and achieve the highest level of fluency possible.
18. Take the PTSAC exam in Egyptian Arabic and achieve the highest level of fluency possible.
19. Take the CILS exam in Italian and achieve the highest level of fluency possible.
20. Take the DELE exam in Spanish, and achieve the highest level of fluency possible.
21. Read an article in French aloud every weekday for 3 months.
22. Read an article in German aloud every weekday for 3 months.
23. Read an article in Egyptian Arabic aloud every weekday for 3 months.
24. Read an article in Italian aloud every weekday for 3 months.
25. Read an article in Spanish aloud every weekday for 3 months.
26. Record an audiobook in French.
27. Record an audiobook in German.
28. Record an audiobook in Egyptian Arabic.
29. Record an audiobook in Italian.
30. Record an audiobook in Spanish.
31. Copy out 5 books in French by hand.
32. Copy out 5 books in German by hand.
33. Copy out 5 books in Egyptian Arabic by hand.
34. Copy out 5 books in Italian by hand.
35. Copy out 5 books in Spanish by hand.
36. Copy out an article in French by hand every weekday for 3 months.
37. Copy out an article in German by hand every weekday for 3 months.
38. Copy out an article in Egyptian Arabic by hand every weekday for 3 months.
39. Copy out an article in Italian by hand every weekday for 3 months.
40. Copy out an article in Spanish by hand every weekday for 3 months.
41. Copy out 12 short stories in French, of at least 1000 words each, by hand.
42. Copy out 12 short stories in German, of at least 1000 words each, by hand.
43. Copy out 12 short stories in Egyptian Arabic, of at least 1000 words each, by hand.
44. Copy out 12 short stories in Italian, of at least 1000 words each, by hand.
45. Copy out 12 short stories in Spanish, of at least 1000 words each, by hand.
46. Translate 10 articles, of 1000 words or more, for an online encyclopedia from English into French.
47. Translate 10 articles, of 1000 words or more, for an online encyclopedia from English into German.
48. Translate 10 articles, of 1000 words or more, for an online encyclopedia from English into Egyptian Arabic.
49. Translate 10 articles, of 1000 words or more, for an online encyclopedia from English into Italian.
50. Translate 10 articles, of 1000 words or more, for an online encyclopedia from English into Spanish.
51. Write 10 articles for a site in French.
52. Write 10 articles for a site in German.
53. Write 10 articles for a site in Egyptian Arabic.
54. Write 10 articles for a site in Italian.
55. Write 10 articles for a site in Spanish.
56. Maintain a French blog for at least 3 months, with at least 5 entries per week of 1000 words or more.
57. Maintain a German blog for at least 3 months, with at least 5 entries per week of 1000 words or more.
58. Maintain an Egyptian Arabic blog for at least 3 months, with at least 5 entries per week of 1000 words or more.
59. Maintain an Italian blog for at least 3 months, with at least 5 entries per week of 1000 words or more.
60. Maintain a Spanish blog for at least 3 months, with at least 5 entries per week of 1000 words or more.
61. Keep an audio diary in French for at least 3 months, recording an entry of at least 10 minutes 5 times per week.
62. Keep an audio diary in German for at least 3 months, recording an entry of at least 10 minutes 5 times per week.
63. Keep an audio diary in Egyptian Arabic for at least 3 months, recording an entry of at least 10 minutes 5 times per week.
64. Keep an audio diary in Italian for at least 3 months, recording an entry of at least 10 minutes 5 times per week.
65. Keep an audio diary in Spanish for at least 3 months, recording an entry of at least 10 minutes 5 times per week.
66. Exchange letters in French with a native speaker.
67. Exchange letters in German with a native speaker.
68. Exchange letters in Egyptian Arabic with a native speaker.
69. Exchange letters in Italian with a native speaker.
70. Exchange letters in Spanish with a native speaker.
71. Win NaNoWriMo in French.
72. Win NaNoWriMo in German.
73. Win NaNoWriMo in Egyptian Arabic.
74. Win NaNoWriMo in Italian.
75. Win NaNoWriMo in Spanish.
76. Copy out an entire book in French by typing it.
77. Copy out an entire book in German by typing it.
78. Copy out an entire book in Egyptian Arabic by typing it.
79. Copy out an entire book in Italian by typing it.
80. Copy out an entire book in Spanish by typing it.
81. Watch 100 classic foreign films that I have never before seen, that are not in the English, French, German, Egyptian Arabic, Italian or Spanish languages.
82. Watch 100 silent films.
83. Watch 100 classic American films.
84. Watch 100 animated films that were neither produced by American studios, nor anime.
85. Memorize the periodic table.
86. Read biographies of all the presidents of the United States.
87. Memorize the capitals of all the United States.
88. Memorize the capitals of all the nations of the world.
89. Take swing dance lessons.
90. Take ballet lessons.
91. Take tango lessons.
92. Take bellydancing lessons.
93. Take kickboxing lessons.
94. Take pole dancing lessons.
95. Take singing lessons.
96. Take flute lessons.
97. Take krav magda lessons.
98. Take self defense lessons for at least 2 years.
99. Take music lessons for at least 2 years.
100. Learn how to play checkers.
101. Learn how to play Backgammon.
102. Learn how to play Poker.
103. Learn how to play Parcheesi.
104. Learn how to play Chinese checkers.
105. Learn how to play Block dominoes.
106. Learn how to play Football.
107. Learn how to play Baseball.
108. Learn how to play Basketball.
109. Learn how to play Volleyball.
110. Learn how to play Soccer.
111. Learn how to play Tennis.
112. Learn how to play Solitaire.
113. Learn how to ice skate.
114. Learn how to rollerskate.
115. Learn how to skateboard.
116. Learn how to whistle.
117. Learn how to snap fingers.
118. Learn how to juggle.
119. Learn how to fold the American flag.
120. Learn how to eat with chopsticks.
121. Learn how to read lips.
122. Learn how to do CPR.
123. Learn how to send and receive messages using morse code.
124. Learn how to use ASL.
125. Learn how to read Braille.
126. Learn how to build a fire without matches.
127. Learn how to make candles.
128. Learn how to climb a rope.
129. Learn how to do parkour.
130. Learn how to fold an origami flower, rhino, and stork.
131. Learn how to write with my left hand.
132. Learn how to do a French braid.
133. Learn how to do a rope braid.
134. Learn how to do a fishtail braid.
135. Learn how to do a chignon.
136. Knit a sweater.
137. Milk a cow.
138. Fly in an airplane.
139. Touch a dinosaur fossil.
140. Travel on a train.
141. Ride the subway.
142. Buy fruit at a farmer’s market.
143. Throw a surprise birthday party for a friend.
144. Go Christmas caroling.
145. Go paintballing.
146. Go to Comic Con as a historically inspired, modest, Princess Jasmine.
147. Go camping.
148. Go scuba diving.
149. Go canoeing.
150. Go mountain climbing.
151. Buy organic makeup.
152. Bake a cherry pie.
153. Bake a chocolate pie.
154. Bake a lemon meringue pie.
155. Bake chocolate chip cookies.
156. Bake brownies.
157. Bake gingerbread cookies.
158. Make lasagna.
159. Make manicotti.
160. Sing in public in front of an audience of at least 100.
161. Play the flute in public in front of an audience of at least 100.
162. Get a driver’s license.
163. Get a passport.
164. Get a credit card.
165. Practice the piano for at least 7 hours a week for 3 months.
166. Practice the flute for at least 7 hours a week for 3 months.
167. Practice singing for at least 7 hours a week for 3 months.
168. Create an album of at least 300 photos.
169. Create a scrapbook of at least 100 pages.
170. Go bowling.
171. Go white-water rafting.
172. Obtain a projector.
173. Obtain a desktop PC.
174. Obtain a laptop.
175. Obtain a smart phone.
176. Obtain a tablet.
177. Obtain an exercise bike.
178. Obtain a punching bag.
179. Obtain a digital camera.
180. Obtain a modest bathing suit with goggles.
181. Obtain a shortwave radio.
182. Finish a novel.
183. Attend a powwow
184. Attend a reenactment.
185. Attend a ballet.
186. Attend a performance of one of my favorite singers.
187. Sew an 18th century American military uniform.
188. Sew a chemise a la reine.
189. Sew a robe a l’anglaise.
190. Sew a quilt.
191. Sew an evening gown and wear it in public.
192. Sew 12 historical Barbie costumes.
193. Make a dozen videos and upload them to the internet.
194. Win an archery contest.
195. Win an art contest.
196. Win a chess tournament.
197. Write 100 fan letters to people whose talents I admire.
198. Make a piece of jewelry, and wear it in public.
199. Post a dozen fanfiction stories online.
200. Win a writing contest.
201. Read 100 classics of the English language.
202. Read 100 biographies of famous non-American individuals from history.
203. Read 100 books on science.
204. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle in 24 hrs.
205. Meet an online friend in real life.
206. Participate in a political campaign.
207. Grow my hair until it gains at least two feet of length.
208. Ride in a limousine.
209. Ride in a horse drawn carriage.
210. Solve a book of Sudoku puzzles.
211. Solve a book of crossword puzzles.
212. Solve a book of mazes.
213. Solve a book of lateral thinking puzzles.
214. Do 100 pushups every weekday for 3 months.
215. Do 100 situps every weekday for 3 months.
216. Run 2 miles every weekday for 3 months.
217. Walk 5 miles every weekday for 3 months.
218. Do 100 chin ups every weekday for 3 months.
219. Go for a week without reading anything.
220. Go for one month without buying anything.
221. Go for one month without using any electricity.
222. Go for one month without using the internet.
223. Become capable of lifting 250 pounds.
224. Become capable of doing a summersault.
225. Become capable of doing a cartwheel.
226. Become capable of doing a backflip.
227. Become capable of doing a handstand.
228. Swim at least 5 times a week for 6 months.
229. Ride a bicycle 10 miles without stopping.
230. Run a 6 minute mile.
231. Walk 50 miles in one day.
232. Ride a horse for 20 miles in one day.
233. Go for three months without eating sugar.
234. Swim 10 consecutive laps across an Olympic sized swimming pool.
235. Go to the shooting range at least once a week for a year.
236. Get a manicure and pedicure in a salon.
237. Sew a redingote
238. Make a donation of $100 each to 10 free websites from which I’ve benefited
239. Make a donation of $100 each to 10 free public institutions from which I’ve benefited.
240. Perform ballet stretches every morning for a year.
241. Draw a sketch weekly for at least a year.
242. Create a short animated film of at least two minutes.
243. Go for a year without a single overdue library book..
244. Write my own computer program.
245. Grow at least 1 inch taller.
246. Keep the same job for at least a year.
247. Get my own domain name.
248. Customize a tote bag.
249. Read every book I own.
250. Listen to every CD and record I own.
251. Work in a library or bookstore.
252. Work at a zoo.
253. Work at a police station.
254. Work as a waitress.
255. Work in a hospital.
256. Post a dozen examples of my art to the internet.
257. Make 10 batches of 100 icons.
258. Volunteer for 500 hours.
259. Embroider a pair of jeans and wear them in public.
260. Make a Christmas ornament.
261. Take my parents out to dinner.
262. Make 12 gift baskets and send them to friends anonymously.
263. Make CD mixes for 3 people.
264. Get a high quality studio portrait taken of my family.
265. Apply to 100 universities.
266. Try eating sushi.
267. Try eating humus.
268. Copy out a Koine Greek dictionary by hand.
269. Collect all the Disney classics on Bluray.
270. Plant and cultivate a kitchen garden, and harvest enough for 2 weeks of meals.
271. Ride a motorcycle.
272. Write an article for a magazine.
273. Win 1 million grains of rice at freerice.com.
274. Design a profile layout for my blog.
275. Visit a national landmark while wearing historical garb.
276. Design 3 blog layouts from scratch.
277. Design a header for my blog.
278. Learn to surf.
279. Attend the same church for at least a year.
280. Join a historical society.
281. Attend a book signing.
282. Go sailing.
283. See a whale or dolphin in real life.
284. See a wolf in real life.
285. See bison in real life.
286. Review every CD I listen to for a 3 month period.
287. Review every film I watch for a 3 month period.
288. Review every book I read for a 3 month period.
289. Review every TV episode I watch over a 3 month period.
290. Review every fanfic of 1000 words or more, that I read for the period of 1 year.
291. Go waterskiing.
292. Win a knife throwing contest.
293. Send someone an 18th century style letter, written in quill pen, and sealed with wax.
294. Take photographs of my room and post them to the internet.
295. Ride a camel.
296. Try drinking goat’s milk.
297. Draw myself in the style of a Disney character.
298. Watch 10 anime films.
299. Watch 10 anime series.
300. Watch 100 classic French language films.
301. Watch 100 classic German language films.
302. Watch 100 classic Egyptian Arabic films.
303. Watch 100 classic Italian language films.
304. Watch 100 classic Spanish language films.
305. Watch an amateur webseries from start to finish.
306. Win a prize at a carnival.
307. Plant a dozen trees.
308. Attend a masquerade.
309. Build a wooden bookshelf, at least 5x3 ft or more.
310. Carve a jack o’lantern.
311. Eat chocolate ants.
312. Go for a hayride.
313. Ride a donkey.
314. Move out of my parent’s house and return to the city of my birth.
315. Visit Monticello.
316. Visit the White House.
317. Visit Mount Vernon.
318. Visit Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.
319. Live in France for at least 1 month.
320. Live in Egypt for at least 1 month.
321. Live in Italy for at least 1 month.
322. Live in Austria for at least 1 month.
323. Live in Spain for at least 1 month.
324. Copy out R.O. Faulkner’s Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian by hand.
325. Copy out an Egyptian Arabic dictionary by hand.
326. Copy out a Latin dictionary by hand.
327. Copy out a Comanche dictionary by hand.
328. Copy out an Oneida dictionary by hand.
329. Possess a dazzling smile.
330. Render my country a service.
331. Save up to five figures worth of ¢a$h.
332. Read the entire Bible.
333. Become an Egyptologist.
334. Learn how to do flint knapping.
335. Spend at least 2 hours a night stargazing for a week.
336. Keep an audio diary in Comanche for at least 3 months, recording an entry of at least 10 minutes 5 times per week.
337. Keep an audio diary in Oneida for at least 3 months, recording an entry of at least 10 minute 5 times per week.
338. Read 25 works of literature in Koine Greek.
339. Read 25 works of literature in Latin.
340. Memorize 4 poems of at least 12 verses in Koine Greek.
341. Memorize 4 poems of at least 12 verses in Latin.
342. Spend at least 2 hours a day bird watching for a week.
343. Watch 10 live action television series that are not in the English, French, German, Egyptian Arabic, Italian or Spanish languages.
344. Memorize 4 classic poems of a least 12 verses in English.
345. Record 5 audiobooks in English.
346. Translate 10 articles, of 1000 words or more, from French into English.
347. Translate 10 articles, of 1000 words or more, from German into English.
348. Translate 10 articles, of 1000 words or more, from Egyptian Arabic into English.
349. Translate 10 articles, of 1000 words or more, from Italian into English.
350. Translate 10 articles, of 1000 words or more, from Spanish into English.
351. Read 100 novels written before 1800.
352. Copy out a classic novel of the English language by hand.
353. See a film at Grauman's Egyptian theate
354. Attend an opera at La Scala
355. Attend a movie premier.
356. Attend the opening of an art exhibit.
357. Send 100 care packages to service men overseas.
358. Read 100 plays written between 1600-1900.
359. Participate in a political protest or rally.
360. Participate in a public debate.
361. Act in a play or film, or other filmed performance.
362. Get As in at least 90% of any classes I take.
363. Make a first aid kit.
364. Win NaNoWriMo in English.
365. Try to make another person’s wish come true.
366. Bonus! Translate this list into every language it mentions!